Noah is a great example of why “Judeo-Christian” is a shit term

Conservative Christian commentators are flipping out because the movie isn’t literally Biblical. It doesn’t fit cleanly into the however many verses (90something?) Noah takes up in Genesis.

But the movie is chock full of Kabbalistic and Midrashic content. Extra-Biblical content? Yes. Does this extra-Biblical content always follow the letter of the Bible? No.

Is this extra-Biblical content still Jewish content, even though it doesn’t always click with the Biblical story? Yes.

I haven’t seen the movie? Can you talk more about the Kabbalistic and Midrashic content? I’m curious.

Edit: I found an article about it here.

"You know why LGBT people have such a bad impression of Christians? It’s not because of protesters with “God hates fags” signs. We know they’re extremists. It’s because of daily being dehumanized by the Christians who lecture and preach at us, treating us as issues instead of as human beings—and because of the Christians we know who stand idly by, thinking that if they’re not actively hating us, that counts as loving us."


Crumbs from the Communion Table: You love gay people? That’s great. Prove it. (via azspot)

Every time I hear “Hate the sin, love the sinner” I want to scream.

My existence is not a sin. I’m not a sinner for existing. You do not “love” me if you feel this way.

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what the actual fuck


Even better! The school she was expelled from was a private Christian school who said the haircut made her look too much like a boy. Lots of bullshit all around.


Jesus was a homeless Palestinian anarchist who held protests at oppressive churches, advocated for universal health care and redistribution of wealth, before being arrested for terrorism, tortured and executed for crimes against the state, now go ahead and explain to me why he’d vote conservative. I’ll wait.




Today starts the 40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal!

Check out Faith Aloud for more information. (You can also visit their Facebook page, which is listed as the source in the right hand corner).

The Lenten season begins today in the Christian church, and with it comes another 40 Days for Life.

But! The 40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal is right there with it, so fear not! So far, it seems like Faith Aloud is using the same images from last time. If that’s the case, I’ll just be reblogging the ones already posted. (Obviously if it changes, I’ll post the new one).

*Also - I am aware that the language may not be inclusive. If I could change it to people, I absolutely would. I apologize for that!

I know some of my followers are Christians who would be interested in this.

(I do hope the organizers have some future prayers planned for people who don’t identify as women who still need access to safe, legal abortions.)


"Besides at the end of the day the theory of evolution is just a theory."

"Science robs the awe from life"

NASA’s budget is big enough already”

"Man made climate change isn’t even real."

"Science and religion can’t coexist."

Lifetime’s “Preachers’ Daughters” Shows Everything That is Wrong with Purity Culture



This week, I came home tomy sister watching a show On Demand, Preachers’ Daughters, that followed the lives of three different daughters who had one or both parents as pastors. As someone who grew up in a family that regularly attended a Pentecostal church, I was interested in seeing how Lifetime would choose to portray several families that are–presumably–very religious. Fully aware of the many shortfalls of reality TV in regards to sensationalism, sexism, race, etc., I still found myself watching the show long after my sister had left the room. Instead of a series showing different facets of the trials and tribulations teenagers face as the child of a pastor, I found myself watching nearly 10 hours of purity culture in action. Over the course of the binge watching session, my feelings morphed from genuine curiosity to a strange mixture of disgust and disbelief.

While there is just way too much to unpack about the show’s first season that could fit into one post, there is one overwhelming point that rang clear: Preachers’ Daughters provides an accurate if unintended summary of what is wrong with purity culture  (a culture that is centered on the belief that sexual abstinence until marriage is the only way for women to remain good and “pure”) in hour-long bites. Here are some points that really stood out to me during my private rage-a-thon marathon.

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finally a pope who understands the real miracles


Female priests don’t make sense to you because you don’t want women to lead and male nuns look silly to you because you don’t place the same value on male virginity or modesty.

You might have an underlying problem you should be addressing instead of bashing female priests.






Isn’t it nice how people twist their religious scripture to suit their weds but when it’s used against them it’s suddenly not okay

I talked to a monk about this quote once (we have mutual friends, and he came to a New Year’s Eve party at my shared art studio). He said this isn’t even talking about homosexuality. That the bible never actually says homosexuality is wrong. What that passage means is this:

Women were treated as subservient and it that you shouldn’t treat other men as subservient, like they are beneath you. It is not talking about homosexuality. If it was, it would say it outright since the bible lists other things outright.

I take the word of a monk who have studied the bible extensively more than a self proclaimed Christian.

The above text, I would like to point out is from the point of view of this translation of the original Hebrew. I spoke with my cousin’s rabbi on the matter and his response was different, saying that it was a mistranslation. See, the true translation says that a man shall not lie with another in the bed of a woman, which is to say, the Hebrews had a shit ton of rules about when a man was or was not allowed in a woman’s bed and private quarters (including, if she didn’t want you there, you weren’t allowed there. Hebrew women were also allowed to divorce their husbands and the image of the ‘oppressive Hebrew people’ is an image that was propogated by Christianity which, historically speaking, doesn’t treat the Jewish people too well and liked to paint them as being rather barbaric and backwards and cultish with their traditions, which, another piece of fun info, their traditions were one of the main reasons why the Jewish people were less likely, in medieval times, to die of the plague. Because washing your hands and avoiding the dead and vermin and the like was a lot of help. Of course the Christians persecuted them for not dying but that’s another matter. I’m sidetracked). So the verse is literally saying ‘Don’t fuck in some lady’s bed because that’s just goddamn rude’

Also, whenever a Christian brings the book of Leviticus up, you should feel free to point out that these are rules that were given to make the Hebrew people prepared for when the son of God came to earth. In Christianity, it’s believed the son of God was Jesus. So by following the rules set in Leviticus or pushing them as things we should follow, they’re saying that Jesus was not the son of God, and that Jesus did not, in fact, die for our sins. Jewish people believe, in their faith, that the son of God hasn’t yet been born, so many choose to follow these rules.

Most people of course roll their eyes when I explain the translation of the verse (full breakdown found here) but it’s always fun to point out the nature of the rules in Leviticus and the implications of following them. 

I’m a theology student and I am on the verge of crying because of how accurate this commentary is. Historical context is simultaneously the most interesting and most important part of interpreting any texts. 

You should totally read the link I bolded above my mind was blown


i think it’s funny how christianity made a big deal about mary being impregnanted by god and everyone was like “oh my god the son of god! we must worship him listen to his great wisdom.” 

meanwhile, if you said god knocked you up on ancient greece they’d just be like “yeah, me too.”

i'm all for letting people believe what they want to, and you're definitely not hurting anyone in fact you're a model religious person compared to all the wrongdoings that go on, i just wish less people believed the stories old white men say are true to keep people subjugated. (also semi related i stopped believing in those things like souls the same time i stopped believing in santa claus. please point out a difference that makes souls more real than santa claus i am all ears)


…if “stories old white men say are true to keep people subjugated” is your impression of religion, I think you’ve misunderstood what religion is, its ancientness, its importance, its universality, and its essential humanity.

I mean, is Islam not a religion? Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism—are these also not religions? The indigenous faiths of people like the Yoruba, the Igbo, the Khosian; the practice of Vodou in the African diaspora—shall we throw them out too? What about the extraordinary diversity of practice and belief among Native Americans, among the Australian and Polynesian peoples, should we just take all those off the table?  Religion is only the stories of white people, after all.

And hey, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of all those pesky women that keep cropping up in our nice, male-dominated Christianity. There’s 188 named women in the Christian Bible, but I’m sure that we don’t need all of them—not the mother of mankind; not the queens, judges, prophetesses, priestesses, wives and daughters that followed after her; not the mother of the guy our religion was named after; not the women who followed and supported him during his life, or the ones who led his followers after his death and resurrection. All those Middle Eastern Jewish and Gentile women, let’s get rid of them. Done.

(Get rid of all the female saints too, and women who were theological leaders—because who cares if you die, or write, or accomplish something in the name of a fairytale?)

Religion is only the stories of white men, after all.

But maybe this isn’t enough because religion is really meant to keep people subjugated right? Doesn’t matter who’s doing the subjugating. And it’s not like religion has ever been used by oppressed people as a weapon against oppression, as a network for mobilization, or to sustain a cultural identity in the face of assimilation.

Nope. Never. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Not ever. Not at any point. Not historically. Not ever.

because religion? just stories old white men say are true to keep people subjugated.

"If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition, I cannot agree with you."
Kevin Rudd smashes a pastor’s views on marriage equality on Q&A [x]



(via Kenya Christian pastors start gay rights group and fly rainbow flag | Gay Star News)

Christian leaders in Kenya have launched a movement to champion gay rights.

The pastors say some religious people have ‘gone against God’s love by condemning gays’.

And one church has now put a rainbow flag above its door and is inviting LGBTI people to come and experience ‘liberated worship’.

Reverend Michael Kimindu, president of the Kenya chapter of United Coalition of Affirming Africans, vowed his new group of over 50 pastors would fight for gay rights.

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They need to come to Nigeria and talk to their kin