Yuri manga by women about women (who aren’t in high school)




Sadly a lot of them are one shots, but there’s a few longer ones. A lot of yuri manga is tragically too short and I’m always left wanting more. D: 

After some struggles with myself, I ended up putting stories about college aged women so long as it’s not “innocent school life” heavy. 

Yamaji Ebine

  • Love my Life (this one has a movie. A uni student coming out to her father and finding that her parents were both queer as well.)
  • Indigo Blue (A novelist caught between feelings for her boyfriend but also her feelings for another woman.)
  • Free Soul (22 year old aspiring manga artist writing a manga about a black jazz singer. Artist falls for a trumpeter of a jazz band.)
  • Sweet Lovin Baby (A young woman befriends a lesbian couple and falls for them. With three other short stories.)  

Morishima Akiko

  • Conditions for Paradise- An OL in love with a world hopping freelance journalist
  • We’re Aiming for Love Now (Journalist and a cutie in a cosplay store)
  • Happy Picture Diary - (REALLY FUNNY. An social worker and an editor’s daily life together. All chibi but with some really real lesbian life jokes)
  • Off-Time (an aging lesbian short one shot)
  • 20-Year-Old Girl x 30-Year-Old Maiden- (one shot, a 30 year old sensitive about her age with a 20 year old woman in her art class)
  • Princess of the Stars- (short- almost didn’t make it b/c high school flashbacks but it’s college roomies and it’s short and sweet- and challenges that “girls experiment with girls in high school then grow out of it” thing that people in Japan sometimes think)

Other Artists: 

  • Ohana Holoholo: Torino Shino (Saya lives with her bisexual former girlfriend and her son. Nico, an actor living up stairs and a close friend, drops by for a visit almost everyday.  Somewhat like family, and somewhat not, a story about their lives)
  • My Unique Day-Sakamoto Mano (women in an acting troupe together. one shot)
  • Abracadabra- Tanaka Minoru (a magician and a cute girl dealing with confessing to a girl for the first time)
  • Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep- Mizutani Fuka (two women with the same name meet. Warnings for self harm)
  • Cirque Arachne: Saida Nika (Two women working in the circus in a trapeze act. Stellar cute.)   
  • Maple Love- Otsu Hiyori (meeting in college; really cute)

Two that I recommend but are set apart from the others because one is written by a man and one is written with the male audience in mind respectively

This is by no means an exhaustive list and I know there’s more (one particularly that I wanted to put on here but couldn’t remember the title of) so feel free to add on your favorite adult queer lady manga to the list!

apologies if these recommendations are already in the notes, but if they are I enthusiastically second!

Collectors- Uko Nishi, a four koma manga about two lovers who disapprove of the other’s spending habits. (Predawn Girls is also a really cute one shot, even if it is about loving a straight girl)

Double House- Haruno Nanae, “[T]he story of a connection between two women, Maho and Fujiko, who live in the same apartment building. Maho, a male-to-female transsexual, saves Fujiko, a girl from a rich family who’s left home and is living on her own, one night, and the two become fast friends. As they grow closer, Fujiko confesses to Maho that she has feelings for her…” not a lot of romance, but it’s heartfelt.

Minoru Tanaka has an ongoing series called Rock It, GIRL!! which has younger characters, but no school themes.  Her one shot, My Teddy Bear, is super cute. (She also has a one shot that is about high school girls called Vampire Girl that you should also read just for the ending)

A San Francisco Story- Ariyoshi Kyouko ” a woman goes to visit an old friend who’s an out lesbian living in San Francisco.

Girl’s End- Fujio is about a club for girls who like girls and the woman who runs it. (i really wish this was an ongoing)

No apology necessary! They sound wonderful! 



I’m just putting this out there. I know that there’s a lot of people out there like me, who are hesitant (i.e. would rather set myself on fire than) to reach out for help or assistance.

Here’s a site where you can talk to people. Online. Who are trained to handle it. There’s FAQs and things for whatever you may be dealing with, be it drug abuse, ED, depression, anxiety.

Don’t have to keep fighting alone, guys.

wow… this is… really super comforting, especially since I’m not exactly able to access therapy due to lack of money and the huge waiting list and lack of availability to medicaid patients cuz medicaid doesn’t cover so much shit…




Checklist for character development.

Created by myself, compiled from questions gleaned from several sources, and some of my own additions.

It should be noted, that not every character will check every one of these things off. It is not REQUIRED to have all this information, but this checklist is, rather, a guideline for helping you think of your character as an entire, three dimentional being with thoughts, feelings, possessions, contradictions and background.

A character is 20% revealed to the reader, 80% writer/author/Mun knowledge. What the Reader sees is just the tip of the iceburg, but without the other 80% the character can’t help but come off feeling shallow. There’s nothing beneath the surface -  KNOWING as much bout your character as possible, instrinsicly, in detail, intimately, can do nothing but help build believability and dimension to your character.

Use only the things on this list that you feel are important, but I would like to remind you that the reader learns a lot about a character NOT through exposition (that’s kind of a cheat, and always feels , to me, like a rather clunky way of conveying knowlege), but through their actions, quirks, thoughts, and even through the things they own and carry with them. What kind of food they eat and how they eat it. What they wear. What they carry in their wallets.  I encourage you, as writers, to consider these things when creating a character, and encourage you MORE to leave the exposition out and tell us about your character through these other means!

If nothing else, this will give you a LOT to work with when writing with your character. Maybe it’ll spur you to write about the character’s parents. Or the relationship between them and their family. Maybe you’ll find yourself inspired to write something about how they lost everything in a fire  - and the importance each remembered lost item held.

There is certainly no rule that says you HAVE to do it this way, but invariably, the most memorable characters are the ones that we as readers can relate with. It’s hard to relate with just words - but people - with beliefs and dreams and fears -  that’s something we can get behind.

I certainly hope you find this useful, and since so many have been inclined to reblog and like this, I shall endeavor to add more character creation and writing tips, lists and excercises up on this blog!

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

- Pen

i think i just orgasmed

Tiny Dangerous’s Object Head Tutorial (With pictures!)


Hello all! I’ve gotten quite a few people askin how I went about putting together my head for a recent costume I did at Anime Iowa 2014, so I figured I’d make a tutorial for it! More under the cut!


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Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou

Super duper awesome and helpful! I am totally going to try this out for my Garrosh cosplay.


holy shit


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If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

thank you, one-armed dog doctor

Snazaroo, Mehron and Ben Nye - Troll Painting, explained


I noticed Gilbo has been getting lots of asks about Mehron and Ben Nye for troll painting, and I figured I’d make sort of a general post about the whole deal, since Ayden, Eva, Jax and I have used the three main body paints for trolls.

Snazaroo - just add water

so Snaz is pretty easy to get your hands on (Michael’s Craft Store, Curry’s), and is easy on your wallet, usually. You want the light grey colour- NOT THE METALLIC KIND. 

Pros: just add water, $/disk is very inexpensive, nice for cool weather meetups, if you get it on your cosplay it will come out with a wet cloth
Cons: just add water, can be streaky, Makara’s beware: the white is hella thin, containers crack and break easy, can be hard to seal, and then you flake on people.

We like to apply ours with a nice soft brush, because we find it doesn’t streak as bad, and goes on fairly evenly. Jax is about the only one of us that uses Snaz frequently, and she’s our Makara cosplayer. She likes it for details, and because you can get it off super easy.

I find Snazaroo takes me a long time to do my face, but I’m bad at getting it on evenly. You also have to be super careful wearing it in warmer weather though, because as soon as you start sweating, you melt. 

Ben Nye- It wont come off 

Costuming and Theatre make-up stores carry this stuff, but those can be a bit tricky to find. Toronto has a couple, but you can order it online as well. They come in tiny little disks that seal up nicely, and Corpse/Cadaver Grey works well or trolls. You can also mix 1 light grey with 1 white, to get two nice troll grey disks (zap them in the microwave for like, 3 seconds). 

Pros: Doesn’t need water to apply, sturdy container with twisty lid, fairly waterproof, less streaky, doesn’t rub off easy, the little disks will last you more than one con (probably 3 cons, unless you’re a Piexes cosplayer).
Cons: invest in some good body wash because wow that shit is tough to get off, sEAL IT LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEALED BEFORE, you are likely to break out like two days later if you have sensitive skin, if it gets on your cosplay you’re fucked. machine wash will get it out, but that’s not useful at a convention hotel.

Ayden and I used Ben Nye for 2 years before we switched to mostly Mehron. Again, use a paint brush to apply it smoothly to your face, but don’t just gob it on there. you want a thin layer that covers, or else it just wont seal. 

The only reason we still don’t use Ben Nye for everything, is the cost. Eva used Ben Nye at Katsu for her Psiioniic cosplay, and it went on fine for her. It stayed well, and for whatever reason, also came off fairly easy too. 

For important arm and leg info, as well as sealing info, see the bottom of the post.

Mehron - Twisty!

Order it online, it comes in handy little twist tubes. We figured it would be the same cost as a few disks of Ben Nye but WOW IT LASTS WAY LONGER.

Pros: handy twist tube, no water needed, fairly water proof, smooth and even on skin, it will last you a looonnggg time (Ayden has Fef'd 4+ times in this, and its lasted us 4+ conventions- and we're not even half way through the two tubes we bought) ((*edit* it lasted a year. 2 tubes, a whole year, and we shared with people.))
Cons: scrub scrub scrub to get it off, machine wash to get it out of clothes, a lot of work to seal, sometimes the twisty mechanism skips- just smack it around a bit.

This stuff you can kind of just, apply directly onto your face. go in stripes- think war paint. then use a brush to spread it around evenly. Again, don’t go too thick or it wont seal. 

I find Mehron makes me break out less than Ben Nye does- not exactly sure what the chemical difference is between them, but, its a thing. 

Here is a comparison between Ben Nye and Mehron- Ayden's Condy is done with Mehron, while Eva's Psiioniic is Ben Nye


i don’t care what brand you’re using- SEAL IT. Even Snaz can rub off when you give someone a hug, so be careful!

Pick up some Ben Nye final seal- its so useful and smells like mint! c:

There’s loads of different fancy powder seals you can use for Ben Nye of Mehron, but my group likes to use baby powder. Its super easy to get a hold of, and we found it evens out the grey quite nicely. And then you’re all smooth!! 
Apply this with caution though, because wow that shit gets everywhere. Hotel tubs and showers are good for this though, because it will just wash away with a quick rinse. 
Put some on your finger tips, and rub that all over yourself. everywhere that’s been painted. if you put too much on, you’ll just be rubbing off powder instead of paint, and that’s almost just as awful, so be smart about it.

Try not to inhale too much of it either…

*edit: I forgot, but you can also seal with hairspray. You might get sticky, its probably not very healthy, but it does work if you’re really in a pinch.*

Painting your arms!

With Snaz, you just sorta paint it right on as evenly as you can, but Mehron and Ben Nye sometimes give people trouble.

Ayden and I put the usual stripes down our arms (I’m going to guess about an inch and a half apart?), and then smear the paint with our palms! it covers much nicer, and just you sorta, rub it in. I don’t have to do this very often, but as a Piexies cosplayer, Ayden's gotten really good at it. 

If you have sorta fluffy arms like I do, you’re going to have smear in the same direction as your hair goes.It’ll plaster it down, but that’s fine.

Painting your legs

you will maybe do it once, and you will regret everything. Invest in some light grey tights from We Love Colours. they match most light grey paint, and then you don’t have to spend hours greying up and scrubbing them right back off.

Other Tips n Tricks!

  • apply a thin layer of grey Snaz under your Ben Nye or Meyron! this makes it easier to wash off past the first initial scrub (: Mattie is a sweetheart and taught us this at Ohayocon, and we are SO VERY THANKFUL.

  • Bring spare towels! We like to bring one towel to brutally murder over a convention, and a couple little face cloths too. Accept the fact that you’re probably going to mess up your make-up at least once or twice. You’re going to have to rub your face before you seal, or even after you seal to make sure it worked. that’s what the big towel is for. Pap your face down to make sure all the extra powder seal is off, and that you didn’t miss anywhere! you’ll know, because there’ll be a big grey blotch on the towel.

     the little cloths (you could use rags too, i suppose), are helpful to keep in a purse or backpack for when you’re on the go. sometimes you find a powder poof mark on a shoulder or a sleeve- these little towels are great for quickly getting rid of the mark

  • Make up wipes are your new best friend. wow yes, make-up wipes. Going to dinner after the con, but don’t have time to shower? That’s fine if you’ve got a little thing of make-up wipes to scrub your face clean (: 

  • Okay, so, you’re grey, that’s good, but you should probably do more than just that. Look up some contouring tutorials on youtube for both female and male costumes. If you can handle eye liner (some people can’t), do your waterline and along the top lid. smear that around, give your Karkat cosplay some tired looking eyes. a bit of blood coloured eye shadow and blush on the girls doesn’t hurt- and even on some of the boys too, just not as much.

  • Fake eyelashes look fucking awesome. they’re like, two bucks usually? you can get some on ebay for hella cheap? They make female cosplays stand out just way more. You can put them on top of greyed eyelids without any trouble.

  • If you’re wearing contacts- PUT THEM IN FIRST. I’m a huge baby about sticking things in my eyes, so I always cry a little bit, and that would muck up my make-up.


  • Don’t forget about your eyebrows. when you grey, you cover them up. You can always draw your eyebrows back on with eyeliner on top of your actual brows (or exaggerate them for the character). another option is to mascara your eyebrows? or even put eyeshadow on them?

  • Everyone has a grey routine, don’t feel like you have to fit someone else’s way of getting ready. I prefer to do: contacts, snaz, mehron, powder, spritz, pap-check with a towel, then put on my wig, outfit and other makeup.


If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, send them to either Ayden or myself. We’re happy to help (:

The Ever-Growing List of Non-Con-Free BL Manga


Exactly what it says on the tin. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it’s growing all the time. For anyone and everyone who’s tired of “your mouth is saying no but your body’s saying yes” and other methods of ~forced seduction~. If you like those tropes in your manga, that’s fine—this list wasn’t created to kink-shame anyone or make people feel bad about what they like. It’s just a resource for those of us who like our love stories with consensual sexytimes.

I didn’t originally compile this list, but the OP would like to remain uncredited. I have read everything on the list and can personally vouch for its accuracy and general awesomeness. If you have any questions or concerns (especially if you’d like a warning added to one of the manga or you catch a slip-up) please shoot me an ask!

Also feel free to submit more non-con free titles and I’ll add them on!

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I thought watermelon just had too much rind and that was wrong until I saw the next gif 






SO in case anyone wanted to make their own body pillow case, my friend  told me about this site, after making me some pillows for Christmas last year! Shipping depends on the place you’re ordering from, but $24.99 for a custom body pillow of any character you want? Who can beat that??? I’ve got some regular pillows from this site, and the color and print quality is great and they are really soft!
Now excuse me while I go make 70 for myself.
Link here!

Reblogging because apparently if you sign up, (and maybe if you dont idk) you get a coupon to use and you get 20% off anything you order! AND FREE SHIPPING. Get on that,body pillow loving friends!

I love how the example the site put up is a bunch of sunflowers

yeah people are totally going to use this

for flowers



I should just sell body pillow covers of Jared looking horrified.

Useful Writing Websites


I compiled most of the writing websites I’ve mentioned on my blog into one post. I find a lot of these sites useful, so hopefully they can help you out!

Imagination Prompt Generator: This give you a one-sentence writing prompt that will help you come up with ideas. I think it also allows you to set a ten minute timer for each prompt.

Wridea: I really like this site because you can write down simple ideas that you can organize later and put into a bigger project. You can share these ideas or the site will help you randomly match ideas. It’s great for brainstorming and building a fully formed outline.

List of Unusual Words — Here’s a site you can browse through that gives you a list of unusual words for every letting in the alphabet. If you’re looking to switch up your vocab, or looking to develop a way a character speaks, this is a good reference.

Picometer — Here’s a writing progress meter that can be embedded on your site or blog. There’s also the Writertopia meter that shows word count/current mood. 

Cut Up Machine: This website takes whatever words you typed or pasted into the box and rearranges your sentences. It’s not practical for writing a novel, but it might help with poetry OR coming up with ideas. Experiment with it and see what you can come up with.

Orion’s Arm: This is a great website to use if you want to research worldbuilding or if you have science questions. There are tons of resources you can use.

Word Frequency Counter: If you’re finding that you’re using the same words over and over again, this website should help. You’ll be able to count the frequency usage of each word in your text. This should help you switch up the words you’re using and understand where the problem might be.

Phrase Frequency Counter: This is same site explained above, but it counts the phrases you’re using.

My Writing Nook: This allows you to write or jot down ideas wherever you are. You don’t need to have your laptop in order to access it, so it might help you during this time. You can write as long as you have your phone.

Writer: The Internet Typewriter - This site lets you write, save, share, and/or convert your writing online. I tried it out and it’s pretty cool. It saves for you and is a great way to brainstorm or plan out some ideas.

The Forge - The Forge is a fantasy, creature, spell, and location name generator. It’s awesome.

One Word: This site gives you one word to write about for 60 seconds. This should help you get started with your own writing and will work as a writing prompt to get you warmed up. It’s a great way to get yourself motivated.

Confusing Words:  On this site you can search through confusing words that often stump many writers. It’s not a huge reference, but it should help you with some writing/grammar issues.

Cliché Finder: This site allows you to enter parts of your writing and it will search for clichés. If you find that you’re using the same phrases over and over again, this will help a lot. I haven’t messed around with it too much, but it looks useful.

Hand Written Fonts: If you’re looking for great hand written fonts, this is a great reference. All of them are pretty awesome.

Tip of My Tongue — you know when you’re trying to think of a specific word, but you just can’t remember what it is? This site will help you narrow down your thoughts and find that word you’ve been looking for. It can be extremely frustrating when you have to stop writing because you get a stuck on a word, so this should help cut that down. 

-Kris Noel


How to take your wig from gross to great!

This isn’t a new method at all, but instead my results using this tutorial.

While the before shot is pretty terrible photo quality to begin with, you can see the wig is basically a ratty, gross-looking mess.

  • Find a tank or bucket and empty a capful of fabric softener into it (more softener if your wig is longer).
  • Add enough water to submerge the wig, and make sure to flip it inside out before you put it in the water. Swish it around to make sure it’s saturated, and then let it soak for a few days. I left mine is for a little over two days, but I would suggest leaving it in closer for the five days the original tutorial suggests.
  • Lay the wig out on a towel to dry. I didn’t wash out the fabric softener, and when it was damp instead of dripping, I put it on a wig stand.
  • After it’s completely dry, brush through it with a wig brush, or at least a brush with wire teeth. Plastic teeth will create static and no one wants that.
  • If you need a wig brush, try checking out beauty stores. Failing that, you can usually find wire brushes at pet stores, and they work as well as any wig brush.
  • Spray lightly with dry shampoo or sprinkle with talcum powder. Brush your wig again after a few minutes to help disperse the powder and keep your wig from looking chalky. You may experience a small amount of shedding during the brushing process, but it shouldn’t be anything too severe.

And there you have it!