Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught

Good Girls Are Bad Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer



Here’s a stage-by-stage progress of my Ravenclaw cross stitch. It’s probably the biggest project I’ve done yet (not bad considering I started this hobby half a year ago). Still going to turn it into a pillow.


I’ve been drowning in yellow, so here’s an Espeon to break things up.


look i actually finished a cross stitch wow
it’s my godtier symbol bc i’m homestuck trash


I just made something very important.

IT. IS. COMPLETE. *flops over*

I am so happy to have this done. Only been working on it off and on for a year and a half. XP

But yeah, I am super pleased with how it all turned out. I am tempted to see if I have a decent orange to outline Light’s symbol tho but I’m still debating. uvu


Completed Ravenclaw cross stitch and work in progress pics. Kit and pattern available from my shop


Finished my first cross stitch project. It’s an air freshener for my car. I’m pretty proud of it.


I finished my Jirachi heating pad and now I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m selling it for $35 here. I tested it out a few times and heating it for 2 minutes is about an hour and a half of warmth.


Dragon Bookmark

This bookmark bears a small silhouette of a dragon, with a simple dotted line border. It is backed in blue felt.


Cross stitch for the gf!!


A K.K. Slider cross stitch from Animal Crossing I did on a 6” hoop and oatmeal colour 14 count aida cloth.

(Pattern from birdiestitching)



So three and a half years of balancing school and THIS THING. That “abyssal commission” I would never shut up about? THIS IS FUCKING IT.


Zack Fair & Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7, AS COMMISSIONED BY A FRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL. The only piece of information I have left of her besides her name is her address, so I’ll have to hand-deliver it.

Still, I hope this doesn’t go unnoticed. It was an emotional roller-coaster working on this thing, and its completion is very important to me.