With abortion clinics closing across the state, women in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley increasingly turn to illegal, unsafe methods to terminate their pregnancies. And the situation is about to get worse »



I would like to point out that one of the many driving forces of the Holocaust was the state of the German people of the time. They felt cramped and people were starving. Hitler saw the answer in expansion of the state and extermination of those lesser human beings, namely those of Jewish…

Oh hey. Appropriating my ancestral tragedy to leech for your supposed “tragedy.”  Except problems. Gisella Perl, a Jewish gynecologist, was in the camps and performed abortions for fellow prisoners so that the Nazis wouldn’t kill them for being pregnant. And Elie Wiesel said that those who compare abortion to the Holocaust and people who have abortions/perform abortions to Hitler.. don’t have the slighest clue what The Holocaust was. And there’s many more stories from survivors about how they hate their tragedy being appropriated for your propaganda. 

I get that you guys can’t make abortion stand as a tragedy on its own two feet. I think, on some level, you also feel that way, which is why you all have no problem taking every tragedy since the dawn of time to tack to abortion to try to give it validity and substance. But you don’t have a tragedy on your hands. You don’t. You have people making medical decisions based on what’s best for them. Judaism dictates that if a fetus is bound to harm the person carrying it, and Rabbinical interviews have said that extends beyond health, out to their life, well being, mental health, and born selves, spouses and born children, that abortion is not only allowed, but encouraged. 

But you really can’t make abortion sound like a tragedy without gluing it to the nearest real, recognized tragedy. So one would think that with critical thinking, one would think.. “Hey, if the only reason we buy into this is because it’s got duct tape holding it to a real tragedy, is it really a tragedy..” But no. You keep spreading your anti-semitic and racist bullshit and hope and pray that the ignorant won’t wise up to the co-opting of actual tragedies.. 

Clue one, team. If it can’t stand on its own without leeching off something else to have validity, you don’t have anything to stand on in the first place. No one ever said,”Gee, this Holocaust is just like when the Crusades happened!” 

Try again. 


Remember that time Hobby Lobby claimed it was against their religious beliefs to provide their employees with contraceptive coverage while simultaneously investing in companies that produce abortion-inducing medications?



Brittany, 28, Colorado

I was 21 when a routine physical showed that I was pregnant. I fainted when I found out. I was on the Depo-Provera shot and in a committed relationship. I was also going to college, working full time and decided to end the pregnancy. I wasn’t ready physically, emotionally or financially to be a parent. I spoke to a woman at the clinic who asked if I needed an escort from my car on the day of my appointment. My aunt and best friend were accompanying me, so I said no. But then she told me to call if I was having trouble. I asked, “Why?” She paused and said, “Just please call if you are having any issues.”

I was the first appointment that day and noticed a few men, all in their 50s or 60s, milling around the parking lot when we pulled in. Once we got out of the car, one made a beeline for us with a fistful of pamphlets. My aunt said, “Thanks, but no thanks,” and he got irate, screaming, “How can you do this? You’re killing your baby to continue on your whore lifestyle, you jezebel!’ Suddenly we were surrounded by five other men — that’s when the baby-doll parts starting hitting us.

They had a box filled with torn apart baby dolls covered with red paint. All three of us were hit — in the head, chest, torso. As they were pelting us, they yelled, “This is what you’re doing to your baby! Look at the street! It’s strewn with the blood of your baby. That’s your baby scattered across the street!” It was surreal and terrifying at once. And we still had to cross a wide street to enter the clinic. Then they shouted at my aunt, “Grandma, why are you letting her do this? Tell her to give her baby up for adoption!” My aunt responded, “First of all, I’m not old enough to be a grandma. Second, come talk to me when you have a uterus and a vagina.”

I thought I’d feel better once inside the clinic. But as I sat in the waiting area, I could hear every single girl get out of her car and do that walk of shame. That was the worst part of the day. When the doctor pulled up later that morning, there was such a frenzy the building almost shook. I heard them shouting, “Murderer!” and “Butcher!” and my heart started racing all over again.

I was the first to see the doctor. After he went over the procedure with me, he asked, “Do you have any questions?” I said, “Are they going to be there when I leave? — not, “Is there any pain?” or “How long will it take to recover?” He said, “No. After I arrive, they disperse.” That was true, and I was grateful. I would have stayed until they left. I couldn’t go through that again.

But there was one good thing the protesters did that morning: They convinced me I was making the right decision. I bet every single woman inside that waiting room felt the same way, even though none of us spoke. We’d all just been through the most heinous experience, but there was a feeling of quiet satisfaction among this group of women amidst the horror. I thought, “If I can make it through that, I can make it through the rest of this day.”




A pro-life group in Lansing, Michigan says fetal models have helped save a baby from a late-term abortion. Officials with 40 Days for Life in Lansing posted a picture of a set of fetal models that it says helped changed a woman’s mind about having an abortion. “I showed the 30-week model to a late-term mom who left the clinic and DID NOT have an abortion. Praise God!” the group wrote.

Literally none of these except the final one is anatomically correct. You literally have a minuturized born infant model as your 12 weeks and 8 weeks fetus, this is BLATANT misinformation and lies.

Additionally abortions at 30 weeks? Aren’t legal ANYWHERE in the world unless the fetus is already fucking dead or cannot survive outside the uterus on its own. You didn’t save ANYTHING, or else you are lying about gestational age OR they weren’t actually going for an abortion or you made the whole story up.

This is propaganda, misinformation and lies, it’s disgusting and it doesn’t actually help your movement. This is (among the reasons) why pro choicers think pro liars are full of shit, and refuse to respect you or your movement. 

With the buffer zone removed in MA, do you think anyone thought removing it would violate patients right to privacy?(The same right that ruled in favor of abortion-Roe v Wade)this came to me when an anti choicer said buffer zones violate free speech.


SCOTUS ruled 9-0. Nobody thought about it, apparently.

Yes, I would believe it’d be a privacy violation. Not necessarily that protesting itself is a privacy violation, but that being up in someone’s face, recording their movements, their faces, their images, forcing personal information out of them, demanding to know why they’re at the clinic, and so on, are definitely violations of privacy.

Additionally, I’d like to point out that the infamous Westboro Baptist Church protestors have never been allowed so close to the schools, funerals, businesses, churches, and other places they’ve protested. Same goes for PETA protesters outside of animal hospitals, testing labs, and shelters. Actually, I think it’s not allowed for anti-choice protestors to be so close to churches, since I’ve seen several times churches have successfully prosecuted protest groups.

Meanwhile, SCOTUS and most government buildings have extreme buffer zones, and there exists the concept of the “free speech zone” which the government abuses regularly. And we all know what happens at basically any government protest (I think we’re mostly aware of how Occupy protests have gone down), which are decidedly less aggressive and invasive.

I think it’s pretty obvious there’s a clear bias here.




just in case you somehow forgot how horrible the pro life movement is

If a person has the right to free health care I should have the right to stab them

If a person has the right to free health care I should have the right to stab them


Most of what we know about abortion comes from anti-abortion propaganda found in crisis pregnancy centers, sidewalk counselors, and spoon-fed politicians’ speeches. Their lies serve to create a culture of fear and stigma around abortion, when in reality abortion is one of the most common and safest medical procedures. Click through for more details:

  1. "Abortion causes breast cancer." Not according to the National Cancer Institute and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
  2. "Abortion causes infertility." The Mayo Clinic and Guttmacher Institute disagree.
  3. "Ultrasounds convince women not to have abortions." Of the 40% who chose to view their ultrasound, 98.4% continued with their decision to have an abortion.
  4. "Abortion damages your mental health." Neither the American Psychological Association, nor the American Psychiatric Association agree.
  5. "Increased clinic restrictions make abortion safer." Most restrictions passed have little to do with client safety - larger parking lots, hospital admitting privileges, etc. - and only serve to drive historically safe clinics out of business.
  6. "Abortion is dangerous." It’s one of the safest procedures in existence.


Reminding everyone to get their images, stories, and support ready for June 7th.  We will be storming the Internet with abortion experiences, facts, and support.  

We will take back this discussion!

No one should be shamed into silence for their abortion!


"It was private physicians who often offered abortion care pre-Roe, putting their own practices at risk to do so. Now, as clinics are being shuttered at an increasing rate, private physicians may be fielding more requests to terminate a patient’s pregnancy, simply because a clinic abortion is too hard to obtain. Yet abortion opponents have subtly and silently removed that as a potential option, and with very little notice.

"Louisiana’s HB 388 is taking a much more blatant swing at ending a private physician’s ability to offer a first trimester, in-office abortion, a procedure that would take a few minutes only using a manual vacuum aspirator. Tucked into the rest of the massive regulatory changes around procuring an abortion is a new rule that would force any doctor who performs more than five abortions per year to be licensed as an abortion provider. Previously, physicians could perform up to 60 abortions per year without such restrictions being put upon them."




This is the Memorial to the Missing and contains over 50,000,000 pennies to represent the lives of each American child abandoned to abortion by a society and a culture that has embraced their destruction. We must prevent the need to add to this memorial. Take a stand. Get involved.

 ”How we treat the least of us defines us.”

"should I use this $500k to help struggling parents and pregnant people or should I put it in a glass box"





Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

"We are going to lay down to join our dead brothers and sisters from the womb, rather than donate this time and effort into helping the sentient and suffering."

Again, none of you were at immediate risk to be aborted. You’re not survivors.

Also, don’t you fucking dare appropriate the word ‘holocaust’ for your own selfish, ignorant “activism” you disgusting, anti-Semitic, misogynistic garbagebags.



abortion won’t stop because you made it nearly impossible to have clinical support

LGBT people won’t stop loving each other because you banned marriage equality

sex won’t stop because of your abstinence only education programs


"If evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will evolve."-Jellos Biafra


The United States has a pro-life problem. Every day, clinics across the country are besieged by protestors, causing emotional distress to patients and threatening the safety and privacy of patients and clinic staff. Protestors hold gory, photoshopped or mislabeled posters, shout obscenities, pray and sing loudly, stalk patients and staff, and condemn passersby to hell for…walking past, I guess. Some students even get school credit for protesting.

One of the more egregious types of protestors is the “sidewalk counselor,” who, despite having no professional or medical training to claim the title, follows patients up and down the sidewalk, pleading with them not to enter the clinic (and perhaps instead, to visit one of their fake clinics).

At least eight abortion clinic employees have been murdered by anti-abortion extremists since the early 1990’s. Other acts of terrorism include multiple cases of attempted murder, arson, bombings, anthrax threats, stalking, death threats, and vandalism. These extremists usually participated in clinic protests before their attacks, or were associated with anti-abortion groups.

  1. Helpers of God’s Precious Infants protesting outside a clinic in New York City (via @Tracie713)
  2. Protestors outside a clinic in Englewood, New York. Clinic escorts are in neon vests (via Merle Hoffman)
  3. Rain won’t keep away the protestors outside Louisville, Kentucky’s only abortion clinic (via Every Saturday Morning)
  4. A ring of protestors surrounds the buffer zone outside the Coastal Birth Control Center in Corpus Christi, Texas (via USNews)
  5. Catholic schoolchildren pray outside Women’s Med Center in Sharonville, Ohio (via The Catholic Telegraph)
  6. Over 200 students from Virginia’s Christendom College swarm a Planned Parenthood in Washington, D.C. (via LifeSiteNews)




I need feminism because a senator actually referred to a pregnant woman as a ‘host’.

Not a woman. Not a mother. A ‘host’.

You know what a host is?

It’s the victim of a parasite.

So this pro-life dude just made an argument against his own agenda.

And also, a host?

Fuck that shit. 

If I’m a host, then I have the right to kick an unwelcome visitor out of my house.

He may want to rethink that term.

I need feminism because this happened in my state and the sad thing is it was nothing new or surprising, as disgusting as it is.