It’s from “la source des femmes”



We are allowed to inherit and own property and businesses, and we are allowed to CHOOSE our husbands instead of having them foisted upon us in arranged marriages. WE ARE ALSO ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN COMBAT.

I’ve read the Qu’ran COVER TO COVER and there’s nothing God says about women being LESS than men. In fact, God IMPLORES men to treat women as equals. Probably because God knew men have a tendency to foul things up and has to remind them that WOMEN ARE ALSO PRECIOUS CREATIONS OF HIS DIVINE WILL.

-huffs and puffs-

Sorry. I was in my feelings. But this touches my nerves a lot when people misinterpret Islam as some misogynistic religion. Nothing could be further from the truth.


i want jewish wizards fighting against the nazis and branding them with swastikas, taking revenge for the slaughter of the six million and fighting in the resistance. i want rabbi wizards in their shtetls, making the menorah glow in the dark, even when things were so terrible that they couldnt afford candles because they were essentially trapped. i want the jewish wizards to lead mass rescue missions for the jews in the camps and to fight against the shower of bullets with a shield, with a magic shield marked with the magen david. i want the jews to become David once more, to fight against the Nazi Goliath and prevail with miracles. 

i want hebrew spells. holy magic written in the language of a lost people, exiled from their land. i want kabbalah and i want the zohar to be mentioned, dammit. i want the zohar to be the textbook for jewish wizards and old rabbis with twinkling eyes and i want the golem to rise up from the clay riverbanks of poland and defend its people from the pervading rumors of the blood libel. i want the witch of endor explained and acknowledged as the first necromancer (a WOMAN, no less) and i want rachel and leah being known as expert herbalists because of their expertise with mandrakes and knowing all their magical properties.

i want joseph, the king of dreams, to be known as the greatest of all seers. i want all the prophets to become seers. some willing, some unwilling (cough jonah cough), but all carry out the word of god and the word of the future. i want the arithmancy of the gematria, the deep analysis of the hidden codes of the torah. i want muslim wizards and jewish wizards to excitedly compare commentaries and ideas on the kabbalah during the golden age and celebrate ramadan and hanukkah around the same time with love and respect for each other’s culture. 

i want enchanted violins playing klezmer music and levitated chairs carrying the lucky bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah on their special day, of chicken soup being listed as a viable healing potion. i want a frying pan that erupts with latkes with a whispered spell from its owner. i want a yad to be the treasured silver wand of a rabbi- none of that wood, no. it’s too easy to burn, like the torahs of Kristallnacht, their parchment turning into smoke in the sky. i want a silver yad with the finger of god pointing to the heavens and the hebrew words of ‘I AM THAT I AM’ inscripted on it. 






*very quiet voice* queer spaces need to be safe for people of faith too 

I don’t think about this enough. How do I make spaces more inclusive to people of faith.

By not talking about how silly and gross religion is and by not comparing sexuality to other things forbidden in the Old Testament like shrimp, etc.

Also by insulting the laws of Leviticus saying they are “impossible to live by haha so funny shrimp is banned” is excluding lgbtqia+ Jewish people bc Jewish ppl follow those laws and for the most part are pretty good with including lgbtqia+. Obviously not all Jewish ppl/organizations/communities are good with this but they are for the most part

and by not associating monotheism with patriarchy, by acnowledging that god is not attributed a gender in islam, by educating yourself about and refuting the notion that islam is patriarchal, by not forcing lgbt muslims to explain “how that works” or how they “reconcile their faith” with xyz thing, by fostering an environment where casual sex and drug/alcohol use aren’t encouraged or considered to be social necessities, and by giving lgbt muslims the space to sort out theological quandries that the community hasn’t resolved yet.


So my friend works in the sound booth at his church and during the sermon, the preacher started bashing on gay people, so my friend muted him. Literally muted his preachers microphone I




"I hated how Louisiana Voodoo was represented in The Princess and the Frog. Mama Odie was a good character, but her role was not significant enough to compensate for the villain being a corrupt Voodoo practitioner. All I saw in the portrayal was stereotypes. My religion is disrespected and stereotyped enough, the Voodoo community didn’t need this Disney movie furthering the idea that all we do is inflict harm upon others"

Mama Odie was hardly a minor character and her role was insanely significant - her character was where the turning point happened. Without her, the story would have no ending at all. And they didn’t even lighten up her style of voodoo, or try to evangelize it or anything - it still resembles Faciliers but she uses it for good and even distances herself from him. They make this clear. She’s just as significant as she is, but you don’t see her as much. Why? Has nothing to do with portrayal and everything to do with the fact that generally people find villains more interesting than Mr. Miyagi’s (a term I lovingly use to refer to characters meant to be mentors or to teach the protagonist an important lesson). Why do you think all superheroes have to be brooding “Woe is me” types. People don’t like good guys that are good because their good - no tragedy, they’re just good people. Or they do like them, but they don’t want stories made about them. Which is unfortunate since you can totally write good characters on that basis, Mr. Miyagi actually being a good example. 

But it doesn’t make them insignificant. You perceive her as insignificant because she FIXES problems, not causes them, and that makes us recognize their value less. It’s an oxymoron, but it’s basically how film and literature works. Look at literally any literature - with few exceptions, people ignore the character who’s friendly, good, and moral unless they are either tragic, heavily comedic, or non-conforming. Mama Odie is somewhat comedic, but that’s alongside other comedic characters. 

But like it or not, looking at it significantly, SHE IS SIGNIFICANT. I really can’t stress that. She basically saves the fuck out of everybody while hardly lifting a finger because she’s a total badass. 

Mama Odie being a significant character really has nothing to do with the confession. The OP is talking about how Mama Odie’s character has no real impact in portraying Voodoo in a positive light. From the beginning movie up until we meet Mama Odie, Dr. Facilier is the representation of Voodoo and it’s all negative. Before we even learn about Mama Odie from Louis, everyone refers to Voodoo negatively.

Even though Mama Odie is a “good” Voodoo priestess, she just comes up too late to mend the problematic portrayal of Voodoo.

Also, Mama Odie is still highly Anglicized. The entirety of “Dig a Little Deeper” is done as a gospel song which does us no favors. Yay at at least one person being the good side of voodoo, but sanitizing it does nothing good. XP











he was 100% against preaching to unwilling people, too, and all for bringing religion into the lives of those who wanted it. he would often say that those who pray loudly in front of others were the worst kind of believers

what a cool dude

it makes me sad when people mischaracterize jesus like he was literally the nicest dude ever like he could be anyones bff if he tried because he was so rad like 
i hate christians who make him seem rude like lol no stopv


this is because the pharisees would go out into public, get on their knees, and pray where everyone could see them.

because they wanted everyone to see how good they were and how pious, because they were sort of religious authority.

but jesus came and told people to do the opposite, because he wanted them to be humble.

because God wants you to be devoted to a relationship with Him, not to be devoted to making sure others think highly of you.

jesus also encouraged people to do good deeds quietly, or even anonymously.

because he wanted you to do good deeds for the sake of others, not for how good it’ll make you feel or for others to praise you.

jesus was the absolute coolest and i fucking hate it when anyone points fingers at a certain group of people and says “GOD HATES-” NO HE DOESN’T.


This is the type of Christianity and Christians that I like.


7 reasons why Jesus was an early feminist

You probably have heard a lot about Christianity, especially when it comes to the religion’s stance on homosexuality and women’s rights. But while some the media’s narrative has often focused on the religion’s conservative, often proudly patriarchal adherents, there’s a compelling argument to be made that Jesus himself had a touch of feminist in him — at least according to the anecdotes about him related by his followers in the Bible’s New Testament.

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Jesus: It's important to help those less fortunate than you. Treat them as your brother.
Christian Conservatives: *hurriedly turn the page*



I went to an Arab-American comedy night and there was a Muslim guy making a joke about being in high school football.

"I was hit so hard, I saw Jesus. Do you know how hard you have to be hit to see somebody else’s god?"

This is what jokes about religion are supposed to look like.


because a lot of people dont seem to get this:

  • golems are from jewish folklore. dont treat them like a generic fantasy creature, thats appropriative
  • kabbalah is a specifically jewish religious tradition. dont practice it if youre not jewish and dont use kabbalah symbolism as generic occult stuff, thats appropriative
  • for the record if it has hebrew on it and it doesnt have anything to do with judaism its probably appropriative
  • dont wear a magen david if youre not jewish, its used as a symbol for judaism so wearing it if youre a gentile is appropriative
  • while im at it heres a rundown of some terms you should know
  • goy: hebrew and yiddish for non-jewish person, it literally translates as “nation.” the plural form is goyim. goy is not a slur.
  • gentile: english for non-jewish person
  • anti-semitism: you probably know what this means but i just want to point out that the word anti-semitism was NOT coined by jews but by a german anti-semite who wanted a more scientific-sounding alternative to “judenhass,” which literally translates to “jew-hatred” so please shut up about how arabs are also semites. we know.
  • if you’re not jewish you should also avoid using the word “jew” since many jewish people are uncomfortable with it (though i personally am fine with it). use “jewish person” instead if youre a gentile

please reblog this if you’re not jewish, i almost never see gentiles acknowledging cultural appropriation of judaism and anti-semitism on tumblr, even among people who otherwise pay close attention to such issues

"“Religion says it’s about the afterlife.
Jesus says it’s about the herelife.

Religion says hold on till heaven.
Jesus said the Kingdom of God is here now.

Religion says confess your wrongs to God.
Jesus said make amends with those you have hurt.

Religion says judge people who don’t measure up.
Jesus said only those who are perfect can cast the first stone.

Religion says to appeal to God to bring change in the world.
Jesus said to be the change you desire to see in the world.

Religion says God will bring peace, joy, freedom and love into your life if you measure up.
Jesus said these realities are unconditionally present inside you in every moment.

Religion says look to God for help and healing.
Jesus said to be instruments of help and healing in one another’s lives.

Religion says rescue people from eternal hell and punch their ticket to heaven.
Jesus said to confront injustice and take up the cause of those who unnecessarily suffer around us.

Religion says to blame Satan.
Jesus said to take responsibility for the damage and destruction we cause in the world.

Religion says go to church.
Jesus said be the church.

Religion says read the Bible in a year.
Jesus said live one verse today.

Religion says there are “us” and “them.”
Jesus says we are all children of God.

Religion says be careful who you love.
Jesus said God is love.”

- Jim Palmer



The current pope called gay couples adopting kids child abuse and has openly spoken out against gay marriage so you know he’s still kind of scum so stop reblogging those fucking photosets about how great he is

"…people like Jesus and Paul were not executed for saying, “Love one another.” They were killed because their understanding of love meant more than being compassionate towards individuals, although it did include that. It also meant standing against the domination systems that rule their world, and collaborating with the Spirit in the creation of a new way of life that stood in contrast to the normalcy of the wisdom of this world. Love and justice go together. Justice without love can be brutal and love without justice can be banal. Love is the heart of justice and justice is the social form of love."


Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan, The First Paul: Reclaiming the Radical Visionary Behind the Church’s Conservative Icon p. 205 

(via millennialgospel)


This makes me unbelievably happy. I may not be Catholic but seeing that the pope is the religious leader of millions of people, his example may lead to many people thinking about their own actions.



Serendipity saying it how it is

(Dogma, 1999)

Still the best of Kevin Smith’s work.