The link goes to the full theory, but the gist of it is this;

Master Xehanort is the reborn sixth apprentice from the Keyblade war. The other five faction leaders have also been returned to the world.   Kingdom Hearts has brought these six hearts back to the Realm of Light to once again make the decision; maintain the worlds as is, or plunge them into darkness and begin anew.

Really, read the whole thing. It’s much better than my description of it here and the guy who made it put a ton of effort into it.




Hiccup cosplay, from how to train your dragon two.

wait did his face get photo shopped to look liek hiccup or did they pull hiccup from the movie and made him real because if they did that tell me how im in dire need of such technolog because reasons


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I read about this awhile ago in a book.

People who receive organ donations go through personality changes and characteristic similar to those of the donor. 

 In a study, a patient received a heart transplant from a man who was killed by gunshot to the face, and the organ recipient then reported to have dreams of seeing hot flashes of light directly on his face.

In another case, Claire Sylvia, a heart transplant recipient who received the organ from an 18-year-old male that died in a motorcycle accident, reported having a craving for beer and chicken nuggets after the surgery.

She also began to have reoccurring dreams about a man named ‘Tim L.’ Upon searching the obituaries, Sylvia found out her donor’s name was Tim and that he loved all of the food that she craved


These cases may support the cell memory theory. But as someone who wants to study the human consciousness, I have this one question.

What does this say about the human mind? Is it only stored in the brain? Can our cells also have the capacity to store information such as memory and personality? Are they aware of what makes us, who we are? Are they conscious in that sense?



This reminds me about the book called Unwind by Neal Shusterman…



Troubling images show what could happen to Brazil after the World Cup

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What do you MEAN spending a huge amount of money on what is essentially a one-time-use superstructure doesn’t magically change the economic realities of the region you depopulated to cram it in?






Watch the video of this 3D rendering young girl

australia, 46
canada, 54.
india, 103.

what the fuck dude.

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This is like to catch a predator, but like gone super saiyan


We interrupt this morning’s Disney programming for a new segment that I’m going to call “If This Isn’t Obvious To You, You Need To Find A New Line Of Work Immediately.”

I heard a story yesterday that I haven’t been able to shake, mostly because it’s not the first time that I’ve heard it. A support person - someone who has chosen to make a career working with autistic children - took a nonspeaking child’s communication device away from him because she didn’t want to give him what he was requesting. The last time that I heard a similar story, the aide had taken the device as punishment.

You wouldn’t duct tape a typically developing child’s mouth or tie down the hands of a deaf child who uses sign language to communicate, and you do not, under any circumstances on God’s green Earth have the right take a communication device away from its user.

You do not EVER block access to a human being’s voice. Ever.



— Diary of a Mom Facebook page, 5/18/14 (via ausomekids)

There are people who would do those things (tie down a deaf child’s hands). But otherwise, yes this

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A few months ago, there was a spammer going around promoting an AAC app in any autism-relevant Facebook group they could find. She happened to post in a group I’m very active in.

She linked to a Youtube video discussing this app’s features. She was really proud of one feature in particular. The parent/teacher/therapist could change the voice output on specific icons to the phrase ‘not available.’ For example, if the user wanted to say ‘popcorn’ when ‘popcorn’ was disabled, the icon would still appear, but the voice output would say ‘not available.’

Three members of the group ended up having a long conversation with her about this. (She was an unusually responsive spammer.) We explained that there is no equivalent way of doing this to a non-disabled child that’s not abuse. If your child is requesting McDonald’s and you’re not going to give them McDonald’s, you cannot physically prevent them from saying that particular word. You can duct tape their mouth shut and prevent them from saying anything at all, but that’s generally regarded as abuse.

Her response to that was “It’s abusive to decline your kid’s demand for McDonald’s?” We could not get through to her that not giving your kids what they want is different from physically preventing them from saying what they want. We could barely get her to acknowledge that this was limiting the user’s communication. Her take was that if the user could *see* the icon, everything was just fine. Even if they could no longer use it to communicate. Anyway, why would anyone want to use a word for an object they couldn’t immediately attain?

She was a Speech Language Pathologist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She wanted to stop perseveration. She wanted to know what letters we had behind our names. Did we know how to stop perseveration better than her?

It’s terrifying that the communication of disabled kids is routinely entrusted to people like this. That the basics of how communication works are entirely disregarded when the person communicating is disabled, whether it’s for the sake of convenience or some behaviorist dogma.

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Let’s talk about how our language is so ableist we use the word “crutch”- literally something people need to walk- to mean something unnecessary that people use as an excuse.





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the prophet must be protected



can we just take a moment to realize that not only did it paint an elephant it painted it to give the illusiaon of depth

I was recently sent an email video which shows an elephant painting a picture of an elephant holding a flower over its head and was asked to comment on it. As you may or may not know, I returned home last night after my 7th trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the video was shot. I can tell you with absolute certainty that elephant did not create that picture out of a need for a creative outlet. It was trained to follow the mahout’s (trainer) command and was purely following orders out of fear of the abuse it suffered during the training process. 

If you look closely during the wide angle shots you will see other mahouts standing on their elephant’s left side and they too are leading their elephant during the process. The close ups show an elephant’s trunk moving a paint brush across a canvas and it appears to be creating a picture, except it is taking commands from its mahout who is out of the shot. 

The training process is called the ‘pajaan’ or ‘crush’ and is centuries old and is used throughout Asia today. It involves taking a 3-year-old baby from its mother’s side and roping it into a small bamboo cage in which it cannot move except to breathe. Of course the elephant fights for its freedom and is beaten, poked with sharp bamboo, starved, dehydrated, and sleep-deprived until it submits to its captors’ demands. The process may take a week, depending on how long it takes to ‘crush’ the elephant’s spirit. About 50% of the babies die from the process and the survivors are left with physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives. 

The demand for elephant paintings comes mostly from Japan, Europe, and the US, and the motivation from the Thai people is purely financial since a single painting can fetch several thousand dollars. I honestly hope that if people knew the true process for creating a picture, they would not offer any support at all for it. So PLEASE tell your friends, family, anyone who will listen: DO NOT SUPPORT ELEPHANT PAINTINGS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM!”



babby’s first cross stitch project, because go big or go home. from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story on SNES, ~40,000 stitches on 18-count Aida, 13x10.5 inches. started in like spring 2013? all i know is that i finished it that october and it was an exercise in patience and purple lolol



Harry disappears from the wizarding world for a little while after the fall of Voldemort and only like Ron Hermione and Ginny know where he’s gone

but he’s traveling. he considered backpacking Europe, but then he realized he’d had enough of camping for at least twenty years, so he teaches himself to drive and pulls enough strings to get himself an American drivers’ license and and then he’s off on a roadtrip in a beat-up car that’s still fast as anything. he doesn’t use magic if he can help it because it feels tainted, feels like it belongs to the war, feels like it marks him out again as someone with power and responsibility and the weight of a world on his shoulders. and for now he wants to find out what it is not to be a world-saving wizard, but just to be Harry.

and he meets a lot of strangers (he figures it’s safe enough picking up hitchhikers when they’re more than likely muggles and he’s got his wand if anything bad happens) and he learns what it’s like to be just another face, another car on the road and he learns all sorts of stuff on the radio, tries every genre out there. and it’s nice to listen to stuff that isn’t specifically designed to remind him of the wizarding world, but he finds so much of it surprisingly relatable and sometimes he just breaks down sobbing at the wheel and has to pull over.

and one of the hitchhikers he picks up is a veteran, and Harry doesn’t tell him much but he does say that he’s been a soldier, too, and it’s hard adjusting to a life that you never thought would exist because things were so hard that you could not imagine yourself after. hard to think about settling down and marrying the girl you thought you’d die loving. hard to think that not everyone around you is an enemy. were you a prisoner of war? the veteran asks. or undercover? both, says Harry. and lost, not knowing whether I was on the run or on a mission that was taking a year. I got back alive in the end but something—something’s definitely dead, you know?

how old are you, says the veteran. I’m eighteen, says Harry. the veteran raises his eyebrows. but they both know that some armies, some wars, don’t care about your age.

I think the dead thing is me, Harry says one day, when he’s going seventy in a fifty-five mile zone and the sun is setting in their eyes. when I killed the enemy, I killed myself.

and the veteran looks at him for a very long moment and Harry slows down and looks back at him and at last the man says, no. no, you lived. and you’re going to keep living, son, and one day you’ll be ready to marry that girl, if you love her, and now that you’ve got out of the war, it’s time to get the war out of you.

(they almost have a wreck when Harry pulls over to the side of the road, gets out, sits in the grass and laughs through his tears. flowers start to spring up around him and he feels the magic in his core, but this time it’s peaceful and pure and fun. unspoiled. and he knows it won’t always feel this way but for now things are leaking out of him, joyful things, because he is the boy who lived again, the boy who lived after the war.)

HBrooke Brooke this is everything I have ever wanted out of this kind of story Harry having time to process and to heal and to learn who he is Because he’s never been just Harry before He’s always been ‘that unwanted freak’ Or ‘The Boy Who Lived’ Always been either reviled or revered with no middle ground Harry has always lived his life according to the boxes others require him to inhabit Go upstairs and make no noise and pretend not to exist Harry  Smile for the cameras Harry Don’t tell your teachers truths they don’t want to hear Harry Save the world Harry But in all of this what does Harry want to do? Does Harry even know? Can he? And so this is exactly what he needs He needs that distance to learn what he wants to do And perhaps he does want to be a hero Perhaps he does want to repay a debt he feels he owes Hogwarts and magic But perhaps he wants to craft broomsticks or repair cars or live in a hut in the woods away from everyone with only Crups for company Perhaps he wants to save people in less flashy ways Perhaps he just wants to be the one to be saved But he needs the time to learn that The time to reflect and to craft his own identity and to come to terms with his life Thank you for giving it to him Thank you so much (via kingedmundsroyalmurder)

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I don’t know if any of you realise how groundbreaking this is — the monarch is NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THIS. They are supposed to be impartial and not publicly speak out about their personal political views, although this rule has been broken and bent in the past. But this is a REALLY HUGE DEAL.




Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences

Amid continued debate over whether or not Sochi is prepared to host the 2014 Olympics, which begins Thursday, reporters from around the world are starting to check into local hotels — to their apparent grief. Some journalists arriving in Sochi are describing appalling conditions in the housing there, where only six of nine media hotels are ready for guests. Hotels are still under construction. Water, if it’s running, isn’t drinkable. One German photographer told the AP over the weekend that his hotel still had stray dogs and construction workers wandering in and out of rooms.

the ban on flushing toilet paper is a thing in quite a few places, but the rest is glorious Strugglelympics

#are people actually surprised by this?

not in the least, personally, but highly entertained nonetheless

Dadquest 2


























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