As much as I’m loving the new Paradox Space comic and feeling for Eridan and shit…

I know that what I feel is not what’s going to be crossing my dash. :C

Man, you know what fic I need more of in my life?

Father-daughter bonding time featuring Barret Wallace and his daughter Marlene

bonus points if no one mentions her being adopted bc WE GET IT WE PLAYED THE GAME SHUT THE FUCK UP


When you stumble upon a fanfic that has:

  • Your favourite oddball pairing
  • An author’s blurb with an awesome premise
  • Multiple typos and/or misspellings in the title alone


…so is anyone actually reading my FFX posts or am I rambling into the void?



That about sums up our student loan system

There’s a stark difference between the ways U.S. and UK students pay for college. In the UK, tuition costs are capped at a maximum of about $15,150, which doesn’t need to be paid up front or until after graduation. If funded by English or Welsh funding bodies, students don’t need to pay until they’re earning over $35,350 and the amount owed is tailored to their income. Someone earning around $50,500 would pay $1,353 yearly for their loans. If it’s not paid off in 30 years, it’s written off entirely. Meanwhile, tuition in Scotland is entirely free for students who study in the home country.

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war and occupation - bad for the people of Afghanistan and the U.S. the only people it benefits are war contractors, Karzai and his quisling Afghan cohorts/warlords, and the US ruling class in their desire to extend America’s imperial presence in Central Asia.


in other news, finding decent digimon screencaps is bullshit amounts of difficult aslkfhdslkjfhakslbdavjsd

I should just go and bang my head against a wall bc the amount of people who literally do not understand that olive skinned 99 times out of 100 usually refers to someone darker than the white bread Jlaw is is fucking overwhelming and I am so sick of this bullshit every time someone brings up that Katniss was whitewashed, jesus tittyfucking christ


Square Enix announced a collector’s edition for Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster for North America.

The collector’s edition comes with both remasters of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 on a single PlayStation 3 disc, a separate 40-page artbook, a visual soundtrack on Blu-ray, and five lithograph prints of artwork from both games.

The collector’s edition will be available through Square Enix’s online store exclusively, and will retail for USD $80.

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster will be available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in North America on March 18, 2014, and in Europe on March 21, 2014.

>has had HD collection preordered through Gamestop for 3-4 months
>SE announces collectors’ edition
>SE online store only

Dear Pokemon:

why the fuckity fuck can’t I name my Tyrunt Spike? What is so damn offensive about the word “spike”? I mean honestly….




ew fuck huffington post for real

HuffPo is a fucking trash rag and I don’t expect anything other than trash reporting from them

*white liberal voice* i get my news from huffington post and the daily show

I quit everything






New favorite meme: Old Economy Steven

i’m howling

I need that $200 smartphone and all the shiny apps to distract me from the searing pain in my ass from getting fucked so hard by student loans and the economy. 

About to take out 30K in student loans sigh.

That last one though, can we focus on that? Because yeah.



Land of the free home of the rich

What really scares me is that they all have significantly cheaper health care AND education, which means Americans not only make they least, they pay the most.




Just a reminder that the LGBT community isn’t some magical place where everyone is accepted. 

Welcome to the LGBT “community,” where the B is made-up and the T doesn’t matter!

And the A ‘just needs to get laid’.