Final Fantasy VII drag n' drop game
Tried to add most memorable characters-- I forgot some.
Anyways, has a lot of characters in there. Enjoy!

You are from: Midgar

Childhood friend: Random SOLDIER

First Kiss: Barret

Lover: Lazard

Enemy: Random Turk

You’re future: You become a SOLDIER (first class too!)

You are from: Kalm

Childhood Friend: Angeal

First Kiss: Lazard

Lover: Elena

Enemy: Barret

Your Future: Future? You have no future!

Well then….

From: Edge
Childhood Friend: Hollander (WHY)
First Kiss: Random SOLDIER (iamokaywiththis.jpg)
Lover: Aerith (YUS)
Enemy: Tseng (FUCK, WHAT’D I DO TO PISS OFF THE TURKS? … *stares at lover* oh yeah)
Future: I own a flower cart and sell flowers (WELL CONSIDERING MY LOVER….)

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    I am from Midgar. My childhood friend is Lazard. My first kiss was Genesis. My lover is Tseng…who is also my enemy. Then...
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    From Midgar Childhood friend Cloud Strife First kiss random Terk Lover Cisnei Enemy Professor Hojo Future live a happy...
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    You are from : Kalm Childhood friend : Hollander First Kiss : Zack Fair (uhuhu) Lover : Lazard Enemy : Hollander Your...
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